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Regardless of who you are or what type of accident you’ve been in, our attorneys can help put your fears at ease and assist you with obtaining the justice you deserve.

What to Do After a Bike Accident

According to Statista, over 47 million people hit the road as bicyclists in the United States. Bicycling has grown over recent years as an enjoyable hobby, type of exercise, and effective form of transportation. However, riding your bicycle does not come without risks.

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Common Causes of Car Accidents

Although we do everything we can to prevent them, car accidents are a common and dangerous occurrence on roads all across the country. Even the safest drivers can’t be in total control when you’re unable to predict the actions of a reckless driver. In fact, on average, there are over 6 million car crashes in the United States every year.

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What is Bad Faith Insurance?

Merriam Webster defines bad faith as a lack of honesty when dealing with other people. In the context of insurance, it’s not much different. Bad faith attorneys protect you from insurance companies lying to you about your claims.

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What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

Personal injuries cause more than physical pain. They cause emotional stress, fear, and they can drastically change your life. Personal injury lawyers help their clients financially recuperate medical bills and physically recover from injuries. They also guide you through the trying legal process and make sure you can get back to your everyday life.

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Do I Need an Attorney for an Auto Accident?

Following an auto accident, even one that wasn’t your fault, it can be confusing to know what to do next. If you or anyone else is injured, the first step should be clear—call 911. Then, once you’re safe, you should consider reaching out to a car accident law firm.

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By Sean Simeson
Whose Insurance Do You Use After an Auto Accident?

Most everyone has been in the unfortunate situation of standing outside their cars after a car accident and debating with a stranger about how one of you will have to pay for the damages. But when it comes down to the law, whose insurance do you use after an auto accident?

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By Jonathan Stine
How to Negotiate Subrogation Claims

To better understand the subrogation negotiation process, you must first understand what subrogation is, why it happens, and who it affects.

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What is Subrogation?

Only an experienced attorney who understands complex and ever changing subrogation and insurance law can determine how much that health insurer should be paid back, if anything.

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Brain Injury From Motorcycle Accident

Because of the increased population in Denver, there are more motorcyclists on the road than ever. With the increased traffic, motorcycle accidents are also on the rise.

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Types of Injuries Suffered By Motorcyclists

Colorado motorcyclists are likely aware of the potential for motorcycle accidents. At the Paul Wilkinson Law Firm, we hope they also know the importance of working with a trusted and experienced motorcycle accident attorney if they are ever involved in an accident.

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Safety Tips for Driving Around Semi-Trucks

Semi-trucks often give drivers the most anxiety while driving on the road, and rightfully so. Here are some safety tips for you and your family to consider when driving near or around large trucks.

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Most Common Places for Accidents

This blog discusses the most common areas for car accidents to occur. It also reveals how motorists can avoid these dangers and stay safe on the road. However, no matter the level of preventative measures motorists take, accidents can happen to the most cautious and prepared, so it’s crucial to have a contingency plan.

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How to Talk to Teens About Driving Safely

This teen driving guide answers the question, “how can teens be convinced to drive more safely.” It also discusses what a safe driver is responsible for and how parents can speak to their kids about how to become a safe driver.

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How Do Collision Avoidance Systems Work?

Collision Avoidance Systems - This new technology helps alert drivers when a potential collision is imminent by monitoring other vehicles and their own driving with sensors, AI technology, and cameras.

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Sleep apnea’s effect on truck drivers

Sleep apnea is a prevalent sleep condition that prevents people from getting a full night’s rest. Sleep apnea causes your breathing to temporarily stop in the middle of the night, causing you to wake up momentarily before falling back asleep.

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What is an Autonomous Vehicle?

We all get excited about future technology. However, while Colorado residents might anticipate the day when driverless cars will be widely available, that day might not come as quickly as they hope.

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4 Apps to Prevent You from Driving While Distracted

In recent years, distracted driving has become one of the most significant causes of car accidents. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), over 2,800 people were killed in distracted driving accidents in 2018 alone.

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Causes of Truck Accidents

Shockingly, a staggering 74% of fatal car accidents involve a big-rig truck. This statistic shows that big-rig truck and delivery truck drivers are a significant risk to other drivers on the road. But what causes these catastrophic accidents and why do these numbers continue to rise year over year?

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Improved economy leads to
higher driver death rate

Drivers in Colorado and across the U.S. have a slightly increased chance of dying in a car crash involving late-model vehicles, according to a report by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety.

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Reasons to be wary
of buzzed driving

Before becoming completely intoxicated, most people have a feeling known as being “buzzed.” This is when a person can slightly feel the sensation of alcohol but is still mostly in charge of his or her motor functions.

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What Are the 3 Types of Distractions While Driving

This guide answers all of your questions regarding the three main types of distracted driving. It explains these distracted driving types in detail while providing tools for you and your loved ones to steer clear of these harmful distractions.

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What is Aggressive Driving?

Here at the Paul Wilkinson Law firm, we’re setting out to learn: just how common is aggressive driving and road rage? According to a 2016 study from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, nearly 80 percent of participants admitted to experiencing road rage at least once in the prior year.

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3 tips to avoid road
rage in the heat

Summer means fun road trips, vacations and enjoying the beautiful weather. Unfortunately, it also means traffic and sometimes too much heat. When the Denver roads are full of tourists and the sun is blaring down on you, it can be easy to get agitated and angry.

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What Is the Most Common Motorcycle Accident Injury?

Most everyone knows the injury risk involved with riding motorcycles, but what are the most common injuries to worry about if you’re out on the road, and how can you protect yourself from enduring them?

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